More time for the essentials

We know that your time is precious.

We know that time and its use is a crucial economic factor. We support you with our 24h pick-up systems so that you can use this time with your customers primarily for consulting and sales. You can store ordered medications easily and conveniently in our 24-hour pick-up system. This relieves your staff of the burden of dropping off subsequent deliveries and defects, reduces your cost-intensive messenger services, and gives your customers flexibility when it comes to pickup. This is how we provide benefits in front of and behind your HV.

Benefits for your Pharmacy

This is how we help you save time.

Your pharmacy is doing well, but you want to maximize your profits? Our PSS pick-up machine can assist in the following ways:

  • Delight your customers with the 24h accessibility of your pharmacy.
  • Reduce costly courier services.
  • Be able to devote more time to your customers for consultation and thereby increase your sales.
  • Use the 24h pick-up system as an additional employee and defuse staff bottlenecks.
  • Customers will value the flexibility of the 24-hour access to their medications and use the service again and again.
  • Relieve your staff especially during peak times.
  • Make your opening hours more flexible.

More time for staff.

Managing and retaining good staff is one of the biggest challenges for the future in any industry. The “war for talents” has long since arrived in pharmacies as well. It is becoming more difficult to replace employees who leave the company, and it is becoming more difficult to meet the individual working time requirements of existing employees. Here, too, our PSS pick-up machine helps to save time without losing sales.

Benefits for your Customers

Your customers also have time constraints.

The ability to pick up medications outside of opening hours is therefore a great benefit. In addition, the drugs are available faster than at any online pharmacy.

  • Provide customers time flexibility in picking up their medications even outside of opening hours.
  • Impress your customers by eliminating additional waiting times during peak hours.
  • Support your customers with the fully automatic SMS or e-mail notification as soon as the medicines are ready for collection (optional).
  • Provide your customers with an attractive and discreet pick-up option.
  • Convince your customers with the intuitive, easy operation.
  • Protect your customers with contactless collection and better protection against infection.

More time for sales.

There is no substitute for your expertise. Until now, your customers were only able to use this service if they came to you during your opening hours. Also products and medicines, which had to be ordered. With our PSS pick-up machine, your customers can get their medications at any time and you can use the time for sales and consultation.

Benefits for You

Work-life balance.

We all draw our strength from a good balance of fulfilling work and relaxing in our free time. Emergency services and staff shortages make this difficult for many pharmacy owners to implement at times. In addition, they have opening hours that are geared to the needs of their customers.

Our PSS pick-up system can also relieve the burden here. By extending the time for collection of medicines to outside your opening hours, valuable staff time can be focussed on the areas where their specialist skills are needed. This way you have enough time for everything that is important to you and can draw enough strength for your demanding everyday life. You should be worth it to yourself!

More time for leisure.

We can’t do without you and no one can replace you in everyday life. But our PSS pick-up machine can relieve you noticeably. Because when you close the pharmacy, your service does not end. You can continue to dispense medications and your customers can collect their goods via our pick-up machine. And if you like, we will also be happy to integrate a payment system.


Andrea Ulsamer

“For me, the 24h pick-up system from PSS is above all an extension of opening hours, modern and customer-oriented, simply because it allows me to offer my customers a service that, for me, should take the pharmacy into the future.”